About us

Committed to become the no.1 market place for designs

The Beginning .. 

BattleDesigns came into existence on 1st May 2011 when the trio -

Talented designer with 4years experience, Waiz Wasey (founder of Dawinchi), an Ex-googler, SEO expert, Younus Khan (founder of Pepperclick) and web & software developer Ravi Kiran (founder of Realution) 

Decided to join hands and put their talent into creating one big marketplace for designs.

Our Goal

We are not the first ones to launch this platform, but we sure are the first ones to take it to a better level. Our budgets are the widest, not neglecting that part of the design market where customers are not able to afford the set $295 price for a logo design.

We want to provide designing solutions to everyone. Those who have low budgets and those with high. We also have designers who work for the lower budgets and those selective for the highest,  making it a Win-Win solution for everyone!


Investments have been made through Dawinchi, Pepperclick & Realution.